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Ollie Miller

Product Designer

Industrial Product Design 

Digital (UX) Product Design 

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Iris Kettle - Industrial Product Design 

A university project in collaboration with Kenwood to create a Kettle for the latest KMix Range.

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Berghaus Leben - Industrial Product Design 

Designing a child carrier for Berghaus with  a focus on sustainable materials and product lifecycle. 

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Quickplay - Industrial Design Internship

Cicada - Industrial & Digital Product Design 

A conceptual design for a University exhibition focused around improving mindfulness for new residents occupying Park Hill apartments in Sheffield.

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My first experience working as a designer in industry. Developing, designing and researching sports equipment for Quickplay based in Sheffield.

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Oxy - Industrial & Digital Product Design 

Sheffield Children's Hospital - Industrial Product Design 

A  paediatric based project focused around the idea of Distraction Therapy to reduce stress and anxiety for children during medical procedures.

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My final university project researching Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) resulting in a product and app to improve lung performance for athletes.

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Blaze - Industrial Design Internship

A  short design internship at an exciting start-up, researching the future of commuting for cyclists. 

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Crunch - Product Designer (UX)

A role at Crunch as a Product Designer, researching and designing our marketing site and invoicing tool. Not just designing for the 'what' but also the 'why'.

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